Considering Buying a Skoda Car? Here’s What You Need to Know

Do you have your eye on the newest Skoda Cars like the Octavia? If you’re considering buying a Skoda car but would like to know more before making a final purchase decision, then you’ve come to the right place.

You may have heard of Skoda’s not so stellar reputation from the past. Although it was once regarded as a lame duck in terms of European standards, it has managed to rise above that stigma. In fact, it is now considered as a high-quality brand that offers reliable and practical family cars at very reasonable prices.

While Skoda now offers high-quality mainstream family cars, such as the Octavia and Fabia, that provide solid value, it still offers budget car models like the Rapid and Citigo.

Choosing the Best Skoda Car for You

Choosing a car brand can get quite complicated with so many famous brand names out in the market. After finally choosing one, you’d think that things will get easier from there. But, that’s where you’re wrong. Car brands also carry different car models, and choosing just one from their list can give you a headache. First, you need to identify what kind of car you want and need.

Here are a few Skoda car models you may want to consider.


According to, this Skoda car model is the most affordable seven-seat SUV among its European rivals. Although it is very affordable, it does not lack in quality or safety features. In fact, many buyers consider this as an excellent alternative to a Hyundai Santa Fe.

You may find this car very practical if you have a big family, as it has all the extra space you will need to store your kids’ stuff when you travel. And while you travel, you need to be able to ensure the safety of your family. Its Electronic Stability Control (ESC), ABS (Anti-lock Braking System), and ASR (Anti-Slip Regulation) features can help you maintain control over your car, especially during the winter season when the roads are very slippery.


This compact Skoda car model is in a class of its own. It’s perfect for those who want something that puts their safety first without looking any less stylish.

Its compact design makes it ideal for small families. But, make no mistake, even big families can find this car useful. Its elegant design won’t make you feel left out aesthetics-wise. Who said you can’t have a stylish, yet practical vehicle? It also boasts of a more fuel-efficient and lighter turbocharged petrol engine, meaning more money savings for your next family trip. Of course, you also have a choice to get the Sport Wagon model if you need more space.

Monte Carlo

This is another car model that brings clever connectivity, robust safety features, and bold new design. And, of course, your safety should be of paramount importance, and the Skoda Monte Carlo has got you covered. Its five-star ANCAP safety rating will make you feel safe letting your family ride in it.

Final Thoughts

Skoda’s brand success didn’t happen overnight. The brand had to go through various hurdles and difficulties before it was able to get a foothold in the automobile industry. Far from what they used to be, Skoda cars now boast impressive designs and cutting-edge technology. For more details, visit at