Why Fraser Island Should Be Your Next Destination

For the uninitiated, Fraser Island is a heritage-listed isle found along the south-eastern coast of Queensland. Just knowing that it is part of the amazing country of Australia should compel you enough to visit at least once. If you need more convincing, perhaps you should learn the juicy details of a Fraser Island adventure tour along with other good reasons why you should make it the next destination on your travel list.



fraser island adventure tour



Lakes that belong in paintings


Make sure that your Australian Fraser Island adventure tour includes any of the 40 perched dune lakes or 100 fresh water lakes in the area. The most popular swimming spot would have to be Lake McKenzie which features crystal clear waters and pure silica sand. Other excellent options are Boomerang Lake, Boomanjin Lake, and Lake Wabby.


Dunes that go on for miles


As mentioned in the introduction, the isle has World Heritage status. This is because it is widely considered to be the biggest sand island in the world. For a short period, it was even known as Great Sandy Island. Exploring the dunes is definitely a must on any Fraser Island adventure tour though you should avoid doing any running, sledding, or anything of the sort to avoid injury.


Wildlife unique to the area


Around 25 to 50 species of mammals are currently present on the isle. These include flying foxes, bandicoots, squirrel gliders, ringtail possums, swamp wallabies, and echidnas. The most common animal you’ll find on your Fraser Island adventure tour in Australia would have to be dingoes though. You can take photos with them if you want but you should avoid feeding or provoking them. Dogs are not allowed on the island as the local government wants to keep the dingoes pure.


Jacuzzi formed by nature


Located along the famous Seventy Five Mile beach is a collection of pools made of volcanic rocks. This is the only place where you’re allowed to swim in saltwater, by the way. It’s highly popular among tourists and locals alike. The name Champagne Pools came from the fact that once the crashing waves settle, the water is left with fizzy foam like the celebratory beverage.


Whales to watch up close and personal


The best Fraser Island adventure tour schedule would have to be from August to October. It’s when you can watch humpback whales nurture their young in their natural habitat. Many charter boat and cruise providers offer the experience of getting close to the mammals while maintaining good sustainable and ecological practices. Remember to book early else you might not be able to get a spot.


When you’d like to experience all of the above on your Fraser Island adventure tour, your smartest move would have to be to book a vehicle with Fraser Dingo 4WD Hire. They offer special packages for groups, couples, and even tag-alongs. Visit their website to learn more about their services.


As you can see, there’s a lot you can enjoy on Fraser Island. You may have wanted to explore Australia for a while now but you should forget about typical Sydney sightseeing and go for this perfect location for an outdoor adventure instead. For more details, visit at https://www.fraserdingo4wdhire.com.au/fraser-island-adventure-trip/

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